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    find the way to heal your pain

    Do you know the half-joking and half-serious saying: “If I feel pain, it means I’m alive”?
    I created Optimove Studio to fight with this false conviction.
    And with the pain itself!

    If pain accompanies you practically every day, restricts your movements, puts your life on hold and prevents you from doing the things you love or fulfilling your dreams, if the pain prevents you from executing the simplest activities, it definitely signals that something is wrong. You cannot live like this – but you can do something about it.

    Optimove is the only place in Bydgoszcz that uses PRI and DNS methods in diagnostics
    and training. This revolutionary approach, together with our specialists’ ever-expanding knowledge and an individual approach to each patient, makes our studio the perfect space for you to meet your goals.

    Our Team

    Dariusz Prusik

    I founded Optimove Studio because I want to provide effective solutions to people who face various adversities in the proper functioning of their bodies on daily basis.

    I was fascinated by the DNS and PRI methods which take a completely different perspective on the source of patients’ problems and can effectively address them, even in the case of old injuries that keep flaring up.

    That is why I have completed pertinent courses and continue to train intensively to keep up to date with new solutions in physical therapy. For me, each patient is a story that requires careful analysis and a personalized training path to address specific issues with success.

    Dominik Budny

    My name is Dominik Budny and I help people address their problems. Dealing with dilemmas, observing progress and satisfaction with the opportunities obtained are among the most rewarding aspects of my work. As a physiotherapist and coach, but also an amateur in many sports, I approach my work with a sense of mission to infect people with sports. Body awareness as well as development of motor skills have always accompanied my work. I believe that these very skills allow a person to keep their body in the best possible condition.

    Privately, I am an avid triathlete and soccer player, and as such I have been through the recovery process many times myself, so I know how important it is to approach a patient’s injury as involving their entire body, not just specific tissues.

    Tomasz Jabłkowski

    Psychoterapeuta, psycholog, pedagog.
    W pracy terapeutycznej utożsamiam się z podejściem psychodynamicznym. Szczególnie wartościowe inspiracje czerpię z podejścia ISTDP -Intensywna Krótkoterminowa  Psychoterapia Dynamiczna.

    Wizyty prowadzone są w prywatnym gabinecie na ul. Rekinowa 43a, Osowa Góra, Bydgoszcz.
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